Design Understanding-The understanding of architectural design is reflected in our attention to detail. Our team is trained specifically in architectural design and require less explanation of detail, equating to less down time in a project.
Documentation-As professionals, the document trail is managed with efficiency and exactness. Our company structure is built around 2 professional women with extensive experience in documentation and people management.
Construction Knowledge-With over 30+ years in the building industry, the directors and staff have extensive construction knowledge.
Quotation Method- The presentation of your quotation is highly detailed and identifies a trade by trade break down. The method we employ  assures time and cost effectiveness.
Trades control-With 3 salaried carpenters and 2 sets of all sub trades, the continuity of work is assured, as is competitive pricing.
Quality Control-Our supervisors & Directors have an active role in all projects ensuring that quality and attention to detail is maintained.
Client Satisfaction-Guaranteed due to the integrity, communication and time management of our team.